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A breath of fresh air and a message of hope…

Shalom Retreat Center Kids Christian Camp Mound City KS

ff teen boys

Jesus’ ministry and the gospel is a way of repentance, forgiveness and new life, and this is the process for anyone, no matter how old they are. At very early ages kids are confronted with the brokenness and stress of life and need to be able to have time to be kids. Going to camp is a way for kids to run around and let off the steam, have new experiences away from day-to-day life and to hear from God’s Word the hope of a relationship with Jesus Christ. We love that part of our ministry is to create a space for kids to participate in camping in a way that they’ll always remember.

See images from camps held at Shalom Retreat Center here.

Mud brawl at the first Bestow gathering…Christian Camps Kansas

Mud fight Christian Camp Kansas City Shalom Retreat Center

This is a pic of the mud brawl at the first “Bestow” gathering, a time for Fathers to “bestow” to their sons the honor of being a “son of God,” based on the scripture John 1:12. Bestow meets monthly at Shalom and fathers and sons are welcome to attend. Contact Chris for dates/times.

Mud fight Christian Camp Kansas City Shalom Retreat Center.jpg

Freedom Hoops – Livin the Dream


Freedom Hoops also known as “Livin the Dream” helped us here at Shalom Retreat Center to finish some work projects.


Freedom Hoops (also called “Livin the Dream”). John Rieder shared with them from the Bible. Thank you to Michael Loney and his crew!

Freedom Hoops

Freedom Hoops — Galatians 5:1 – it is for freedom that Christ has set you free!!

Band of Brothers -Men’s Retreat

Band of Brothers Men's Retreat Shalom Ministries Kansas

The main concept behind Band of Brothers Men’s Retreat is to encourage men in their walk with God. These photos are from a recent men’s retreat we had here at Shalom Retreat Center called Band of Brothers.

Band of Brothers Men's Retreat Shalom Ministries Kansas

The first photo is of the men walking into their next session.

Band of Brothers Christian Mens retreat Shalom Retreat Center Mound City KS

The second photo is of a foot washing moment to help express care toward on of our brothers.

Cedar County Union- Gathering of Fathers and sons

Shalom Retreat Center Kansas

This Father Son camp out weekend is called the Cedar County Union. This is where Fathers in Cedar County get together with their sons to have intentional time away with their sons to hang out, pray, and pursue Jesus together as well as to have fun.

Shalom Retreat Center Kansas

Cedar County Father Sons retreat

Christian Summer Camps at Shalom Retreat Center help team building and inspire hope…


These kids learned how working together for a similar outcome helps accomplish a better understanding of how when more than one person is communicating and working towards a common goal it is easier to get there.


This particular photo was a Home-school Co-Op activity related to the lesson about the “Armor of God” and our “feet being fitted with readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace!”

Ephesians 6:10-18

There are many ways to interpret team building activities and use it to explain how we as Christians want to be used as the body of Christ to help accomplish his goals for us and others. It is the simple things in life that allow us the ability to grow with Him. Thank you to all who have supported our efforts in Inspiring Hope, Enriching Lives, and Restoring Hearts. We continue to work to strive towards these efforts and cannot not express our gratitude for allowing us to be a part of his journey and path for you and your family, organization, group, and team.


Shalom Retreat Center

New Photos from Shalom Retreat Center…Christian Camp Kansas


Below are some newer photos of our lodging facility at Shalom Retreat Center in Mound City Kansas. This is one of our newest additions to the camp site lodging and we wanted to share how accommodating it is as well as how spacious.

We have been incredibly busy with guests this summer taking advantage of our Retreat Center and cannot wait until we get a chance to pray with you as well. Contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Shalom Newsletter – December 2015

Shalom Retreat Center Newsletter December Mound City KS Christian Camp
Shalom Retreat Center Mound City Kansas Christian Camp
Shalom Newsletter – December 2015 – p1
Shalom Retreat Center Mound City Kansas Christian Camp
Shalom Newsletter – December 2015 – p2

Shalom Dec 2015 Newsletter – FINAL

“Stay in the Game”

New multipurpose building Shalom Retreat Center Mound City KS Christian Camp

Groups enjoyed the new multipurpose building this year. It was a much appreciated upgrade. The building is figuratively named “Stay in the Game” and was built to replace the old red barn and to commemorate our efforts to encourage each guest to stay in the game of loving God and others in all aspects of life. Our sincere thanks to each person and group who helped in the construction process!!

New multipurpose building Shalom Retreat Center Mound City KS

Multipurpose building interior Shalom Retreat Center Mound City KS


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Video of Shalom

Video Link YouTube of Shalom

Video Link YouTube of Shalom

2015 Shalom Highlights: The name “Shalom” is Hebrew for peace, but more than that it’s a restored relationship between God and man and between man and man. Our purpose as a retreat center is to provide a space that encourages this shalom through Jesus Christ. Camps, retreats and work projects have provided opportunities for prayer, conversations, growth and encouragement in the faith. In 2015 we’ve hosted 46 groups totaling 850 people.

It was a great summer filled with groups of various sizes and ages which included those who’ve come for several years, such as the Emmanuel Baptist Summer Camp (going on 11 years), and those who came for the first time like the Blue Valley Northwest Cross-Country team. Other groups included the Christ Prep Football Team, Kansas City Covenant, One Way Ministries and a Linn County homeschool cooperative which includes about 60 kids and adults who meet weekly at Shalom in the fall and spring.

We also completed two important construction projects, a new staff house and a new multipurpose building. We invite you to visit us to check out the new facilities.

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us as a family and with the work here at Shalom. May God bless you in 2016!